Why attend?

    Why attend?

    • Education

    Our conference serves the purpose of offering outlets for Anaesthesiologists globally to connect, network, grow, learn and benefit greatly from interacting with the best minds in their respective medical sub-disciplines. These conferences help in distributing knowledge about the latest medical research findings and case studies. This knowledge has and will continue to prove to be beneficial in elevating the quality of healthcare being dispensed all over the planet. It is here that the necessary upskilling of the entire medical workforce occurs. Upskilling is crucial to enable people to have access to the best healthcare possible. Attending conferences is beneficial for both professional and personal development. Conferences are used to bring individuals together who have similar interests in order to study problems and ideas related to a certain subject or sector.

    • Networking

    We meet so many people when attending a conference. It is a great way to connect with our colleagues! They are good for finding colleagues who want to collaborate on research projects. Our medical specialty is smaller than others so we tend to run into the same people which makes it even easier to develop lasting connections. Everyone who attends a healthcare conference has at least one thing in common: a vested interest in the field of healthcare. More often than not, this translates into the desire to connect with others who also work in healthcare. When you attend a healthcare conference, you’ll be surrounded by like minded people from all corners of the industry. By taking the time to introduce yourself to new faces, you’ll broaden your professional network with people who could act as a valuable resource in the future. And who knows, you may learn something new from your newfound connection!

    • Research

    This conference is a great way to get new research ideas. We typically hear talks about the latest discoveries or see posters on what other institutions are doing. It can help us come up with new ideas or different ways to approach a problem you may be having. Like we mentioned earlier, you may even meet people you may want to collaborate with who have more resources or funding to help you on your research. You also get the opportunity to present your own research and get your name out there in your field. This is important if you want to continue doing more research.

    •  Travel

    We all love being able to combine work and travel. This conference will be held in one of the most beautiful cities in North Macedonia, Ohrid! You can get discounted tickets to attractions by being a conference attendee in most places too. You can sometimes piggy back a vacation and add an extra day or two in the location to make the most of your trip. The best part is that you can usually get your travel costs reimbursed, especially if you are presenting research. Most institutions will give you a stipend for medical education which includes conferences. There are also research travel awards depending on the conferences you attend.

    •  Burn-out

    Conferences help fight burnout and can rejuvenate you. We are always much more passionate about our field after attending a conference. They are a fun getaway where you can simultaneously learn, explore, bond, and get a break from your routine back home. It always gives us the energy to keep moving forward and shows that we are not alone!