MSA Congress history

    MSA history

    The organization of the 1st Congress of Anesthesiologists of Macedonia in May 1995 marked a significant achievement in our professional journey. Held at the “Desaret” hotel in Ohrid, this event represented a monumental milestone for our community.
    The successful execution of such a congress with international participation was a testament to our dedication and capability. The positive feedback received from participants and the wider medical community echoed our triumph.
    With 160 anesthesiologists actively practicing in Macedonia at the time, the Congress attracted substantial interest, receiving 130 papers from domestic authors and sixty from esteemed foreign participants hailing from Bulgaria, S.R. Yugoslavia, Slovenia, Denmark, Germany, France, and Japan. Alongside these academic contributions, the Congress featured five accompanying symposia, enriching the professional discourse and fostering collaboration.
    In hindsight, it’s clear that the Congress set a new standard for professional gatherings in our field. Its success not only surpassed previous Yugoslav congresses but also served as a benchmark for countless professional congresses to come.
    Following this inaugural event, six more congresses were organized in subsequent years (in 1999, 2005, 2010, 2014, and 2019), each maintaining an exemplary standard of professionalism. Under the leadership of esteemed individuals like Violeta Milosheva, Mirjana Shosholcheva, Jasmina Nancheva, Biljana Shirgovska, Maja Mojsova, and currently, Vesna Durnev, these congresses have consistently upheld the highest professional caliber.
    In essence, the legacy of the 1st Congress of Anesthesiologists of Macedonia continues to inspire and shape the trajectory of our profession, serving as a beacon of excellence for future generations of anesthesiologists.